Zinester Profile: Cristy Road

We are so excited to present the amazing and talented…Cristy Road!

Her powerful illustration work is featured in all the radical projects around town… Plus, Road is the author of two novels (one a graphic novel, one illustrated),  with another one on the way (to be published by the Feminst Press this Fall, 2012)!

Road has also been a longtime zinemaker, producing her punk rock zine “Greenzine” for 10 years.

For more amazing, intense art, and much more, check out Road’s website:

Here’s her extensive bio:

Cristy C. Road is a 29 year old Cuban-American Artist and Writer. Blending the inevitable existence of social principles, sexual identity, and mental inadequacies- Road thrives to testify the beauty of the imperfect. Her endeavors in illustrating and publishing began when writing a punk rock zine, Greenzine, for ten years. She resumed to illustrate countless record album covers, book covers, political organizations, magazine articles, and more. Road has published an illustrated novel entitled INDESTRUCTIBLE, a postcard book entitled DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW SICK, and BAD HABITS, an Illustrated love story about a faltering human heart’s telepathic connections to the destruction of New York City. Roads work has also been featured in the Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing Anthology, Live Through This Anthology, Reproduce and Revolt, and countless other published works. She’s toured nationally and internationally on her own, and with SISTER SPIT, an all-queer spoken-word road-show and is currently working on SPIT AND PASSION, a graphic novel about coming out, religion, culture, and chronic obsession with Green Day. She hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.

Below is some of Road’s artwork: if you’d like more detail, just click on the pictures to make them bigger:

Here’s Medusa:


Zinester Profile: Kate Wadkins

Today it gives me (Kate) great pleasure to introduce my dear friend, collaborator, and rah! rah! replica – Kate Wadkins! One of my fondest Brooklyn memories is sitting outside of a Williamsburg laundromat in the rain with Kate listening to (and intermittently singing along with) “The CD Version of the First Two Records.” Kate, along with Stacy Konkiel, is one of the co-editors of International Girl Gang Underground.

Here’s a description of the IGGU project in Kate’s words:

THE INTERNATIONAL GIRL GANG UNDERGROUND compilation zine is a collection of stories, artwork, and critical work about DIY feminist cultural production and punk rock today, twenty years after the riot grrrl movement, and in the wake of its legacy.

Cover of "International Girl Gang Underground"
Cover of "International Girl Gang Underground"

The print zine features contributions from Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress), Hadass Ben-Ari (Fallopian Falafel –אשת חיל), Carla Duarte (Histérica), Billy Cheer (This is Fag City), Katie Crutchfield (P.S. EliotBad Banana), Lo (HEARTSREVOLUTION), Mimi Thi Nguyen (Evolution of a Race RiotPunk Planet), and thirteen other writers, activists, musicians, and artists from ten US states and five countries; with original cover art by Philadelphia-based artist Sonrisa Rodriguez-Harrison.

Online, International Girl Gang Underground has published exclusive articles not available in the print zine. In the interest of relevance, information-sharing, and community-building, IGGU online has created a directory of feminist cultural projects; all are welcome to submit new or recent additions to the directory. Further, the editors encourage submissions of music reviews and original content related to the zine’s mission  to be released on the IGGU website periodically.

Table of contents (photo by Kate Achille)
Table of contents (photo by Kate Achille)

Here’s some more info about Kate – or KW, as she is often called 🙂

Kate Wadkins is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer who recently graduated Sarah Lawrence College with an MA in Women’s and Gender History. She is the co-editor of International Girl Gang Underground, a compilation zine about feminist cultural production twenty years after the riot grrrl movement and in the wake of its legacy. In 2009, she co-founded RE/VISIONIST with four other Sarah Lawrence students. Kate is a contributing writer for Hyperallergic (the New York art blogazine), and has written for Maximum Rocknroll, Sadie Magazine, and Hoax zine, among others. She was the gallery manager of Storefront in Bushwick for its two-year lifespan, and has proudly interned for the band Le Tigre. Of late, she curates Brain Waves, a zine and print collection, and assists for The Punk Singer, a documentary about feminist artist Kathleen Hanna. Kate is a founding member of For the Birds Collective as well as a classic virgo, coffee enthusiast, bass player, and rabble rouser.

Zinester Profile: Heels on Wheels Roadshow

Today we’re introducing not only a set of zines, but a whole glittery roadshow!

Presenting, the Heels on Wheels Roadshow!

They just co-organized the event “Beyond Visibility: Illuminating and Aligning Femmes” in January, and are constantly instigating wonderful community performance events.
The Roadshow is touring in April, 2012, so keep your eyes open for this radical brand of femme expression in your area!

Here’s their bio, and a photo of the stunning crew below:

Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours the US annually with a dazzling cabaret of performance art works by queer folks on femme/inine spectrum genders. The tour consists of five performers and our femme roadie, always includes local acts, and travels in a van full of magic, living the dream via live performance, local discussions, and guerilla political interventions as we go!

By actively complicating what it “looks like” to represent femininity, dandyness, fey, femme and queer lady, and so confronting misogyny and sexism, the Heelz are on a feminist agenda that uses cultural works to sabotage the hegemonic status quo of gender, sexuality, and appearance and replace it with many visions and ideas of what thriving and surviving as femme folks can be.

All kinds of femmes are invited to the Heels on Wheels party, and the troupe works from an active anti-oppression, intersectional focus, both in who is touring and what they’re doing onstage. The tour includes working class and poor folks, sex workers, immigrants, QPOC, mixed race folks, genderqueer and GNC folks, survivors and, most importantly, fiercely political feminist artists whose work weaves punk herstories, ineluctable facts, and wild costuming into escape artistry.

As artists and zine-makers, some of us have been capturing our writing and artwork in zines for years, some of us just made our first zine for tour. The Heels on Wheels are going on their third tour April 2012, details are available at

And here’s a photo of their zine table at a past event (with roadie):

The Roadshow will be displaying these zines (with or without roadie) at the Feminist Zinefest:

– Vanifesto  by Damien Luxe
– Building Up Emotional Muscles by Shomi Noise
– What the Brain Forgets… by Heather Acs

Here’s the cover of Vanifesto, to give you an idea…

Zinester Profile: Marta Lapczynski

One of the best aspects of organizing a zinefest in your own neighborhood is that it gives you the opportunity to learn of more and more zine projects being done right in your own backyard!

Such is the case with today’s zinester, Brooklyner Marta Lapczynski. Here’s her bio:

Marta Lapczynski eats, breathes, & dreams the DIY ethos. When she’s not coordinating shows or other community events at Fat Heart House where she resides in Brooklyn, she’s poring over the work of Fat Heart Press, her smallscale DIY publishing company & zine distro, scheming on the deconstruction of systemic oppression, wandering aimlessly through wooded areas outside of the city, nuzzling dogs, riding bikes, making coffee, or singing whimsical songs to no one in particular.

Marta, a fun canine friend, and zines!
Marta, a fun canine friend, and zines!

Anyone either living in or visiting Brooklyn should check out Fat Heart House, which hosts DIY community events, including swap meets, skillshares, and music performances.

Cover of Marta's zine Purge #1
Cover of Marta's zine Purge #1

Zinester Profile: Maranda Elizabeth

Today we’re proud to present a seasoned zinester, Maranda Elizabeth, who’s been creating zines for a solid 10 years!

Here’s their bio:

Maranda Elizabeth makes the perzine Telegram Ma’am, 24-hour zine Little Acorns, and fiction zine Edith. They have been making zines for about a decade, and tend to write about mental health, self-care, finding & making a home, daily adventures, their bike, learning processes, & gender/queer stuff.

They have a blog at, and their zines are available at

And below are some photos from their rad zines, placed upon charming flower backgrounds…

Zinester Profile: melissa ann!

Meet melissa ann!, creator of the long-running perzine she’s so very…  The description on her blog of #15, the most recent issue, reads:

This issue details my Lady Gaga tribute band, joining the Bloomington Burlesque Brigade, attending a Birth Doula workshop, seeing Crispin Glover and Chris Hardwick and my overwhelming obsession with Depeche Mode.

Cover of she's so very... #15
Cover of she's so very... #15

In her own words, melissa ann!  is a feminist zine writer living in Bloomington, IN and has been making zines for 10 years. she is currently working as a mental health professional and is also a burlesque performer and birth doula.

Here’s a cover shot of the zine’s very first issue, published back in 2002:

Zinester Profile: Shawn(ta) Smith

Today we’re delighted to blog about local zinester Shawn(ta) Smith, creator of the Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine!

Here’s Shawn’s bio:

Shawn(ta) Smith is an Archivist, a librarian, a writer, and a Zinester.  Shawn is an Archivette and Coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, and a producer of Theater at the WOW Cafe Theater, where she is proud to contribute to Rivers of Honey, a space highlighting the art of womyn of color.  Her librarianship is academic faculty or young adult, and always reference.  So ask her about books, she might know a thing or two; she’s been known to answer to “Your Lesbian Librarian”.  She just finished a year at StoryCorps, a national oral history project, as the Archive Coordinator, and will continue this year pursuing creative projects, starting with finding a publisher for her Anthology: Her Saturn Returns: Queer Women of Color Life Transitions.  You can find out more about Shawn at

Cover image of "Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine"
Cover image of “Black Lesbians in the 70s”

Shawn also provided us with some really great info about her zine:

The Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine spurred from the Spring Series of the Lesbians in the 70s conference held at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center in 2010.  More info can be found on this specialty made, and archived site here:
Shawn(ta) took the artifacts and clippings of select portions of the lesbian herstory archives subject files and put them together in a chronological zine, covering each year of the 1970s, and the happenings for black lesbians at the time.

Fifty copies of the Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine will be available at the Zine Fest.

All proceeds will go to the Lesbian Herstory Archives.
Table of contents of "Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine"
Table of contents of “Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine”

Zinester Profile: Juniper Dee

As we’re a Brooklyn-based zinefest, it is our pleasure today to introduce a hometown zinester- June Dee, creator of the zine Words Are Not Enough.

Words Are Not Enough
Words Are Not Enough

Here’s some more info about June and Words Are Not Enough:

My name is June, and I wrote this zine because I wanted to share my experiences working with survivors of domestic violence and homelessness. I hope that folks read this and don’t just feel sad, but feel persuaded to step forward and work to support those who experience violence in realistic, caring, and community oriented ways.

As for me, I no longer work in shelters, and reside in Brooklyn in a house full of cute cats and queers.

June Dee
A portrait of the artist!

Zinester Profile: Stephanie Basile

Today’s profile is of zinester Stephanie Basile! This is very exciting to Kate, as the two of them initially became friends at Bluestockings years ago through Steph’s longtime zine, Suburban Blight!

Suburban Blight previous issues
Suburban Blight previous issues from Zine Wiki

In Steph’s own words:

Stephanie Basile is a union organizer who lives in NYC. She is interested in radical politics, particularly anarchism, syndicalism, and feminism. She started Suburban Blight in 2004, editing regular issues until 2007.  She is excited about releasing a new issue of her after her haitus.

Here’s the cover of the newest issue of Suburban Blight, published at the end of 2010 :

Suburban Blight #10
Suburban Blight #10

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest

We were recently contacted by an organizer of the Pioneer Valley Zine Fest, which will be held from April 27-28th at Food for Thought Books Collective in stunningly gorgeous Amherst, MA. I (Kate) lived in Northampton for a couple different idyllic periods in my life, and as such am very excited about this brand new Western MA zinefest.

Anyone interested in participating (volunteering, tabling, etc.) can contact the organizers at

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest
Pioneer Valley Zine Fest