More photos….!

We just added a “Photos” page at the top of this site, so you can browse the pics at your leisure.

Here are some more – again, photo credit goes to Bangarang Art !


A few photos…

Here are a few photos from the event…

Crowd scene, courtesy of zinester and photographer Kate Wadkins:

Captains Zine and Zine: Kate and Elvis in front of the Homos in Herstory-promoting cardboard cutout! :

Crowded! photo by Dre Grigoropol:

More packed room, photo courtesy of Autostraddle:

Zinester Sarah Rose, of Once Upon A Distro, reading from her zine (photo courtesy of Dre Grigoropol):

* Thank you! *

Thank you everyone for an amazing & inspiring day. There were a lot of incredible zinesters, hundreds of people at the zinefest, and a great vibe of real community throughout the afternoon.

We’ll post photos of the day here soon…meanwhile, enjoy reading the many zines you picked up today, as will we!

Zinester Profile: Dre Time

Hey everyone – on the morning of the zinefest itself, we present you one final zinester!

Here’s Dre’s bio:

Dre Grigoropol, who sometimes goes by Dretime, is an illustrator and writer who makes homemade comic zines.  Her comics portray a quirky perspective about living a life style filled with hi jinks, mischief, satire, and surprises.  Story topics include ironic pop culture, movie theater etiquette, extreme rock-star idolization, conflicts with menacing fashionistas, and trying to stay true to oneself.  She is an alumni of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, first and only visual arts college for women in the United States.  Dre Grigoropol’s comics and illustration have been seen in the Dirty Diamonds Anthology, the Secret Prison tabloid, Philadelphia City Paper,  Philadelphia Weekly, Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project 2011, and the Covered blog.  She conducted a on going a comics and zines writing workshop at the non profit organization Mighty Writers.   She also co-organizes the Philly Comix Jam, a monthly meeting where Philadelphia cartoonists make collaborative comics.

Dre and their comics:

And another sample:

Organizer Profile: Kate Angell

Kate Angell – along with fellow Pisces/fabulous cartoonist Elvis Bakaitis – is one of the organizers of the NYC Feminist Zinefest. She is an academic reference librarian and a former zine librarian at ABC No Rio. She would like to take this opportunity to thank pie, Diana Ross, Gertrude Stein, and knock knock jokes for their support during the Zinefest’s planning. Her criteria for buying clothes is often, “Would this  qualify me to dance in an ABBA music video?”

Photo by Charlotte Price
Photo by BLFFL Charlotte Price

Kate is the creator of the zine “My Feminist Friends,” in which she interviews five of her friends on various aspects of feminism. She credits much of her motivation to working on events such as this zinefest to her grandmother, inspiration and close friend, Evelyn (Evie) Angell, who passed away last year.

Cover by Elvis!
Cover by Elvis!

Zinester Profile: Caroline Paquita / Pegacorn Press

Are you into queer, “total-art-freaker” comics, zines and art books?
Then you’ll be a fan of the ambitiously prolific Caroline Paquita, and their publishing house, Pegacorn Press!

Here’s Caroline’s bio:

Caroline Paquita is a Brooklyn based visual artist,musician, beekeeper, and amateur herbalist. After self-publishing for nearly fifteen years (Brazen Hussy, Zine Libs, Womanimalistic), Paquita officially began Pegacorn Press, which is a feminist, queer, and “total-art-freaker” publishing house that specializes in small-run art books, zines and comics. Using stencil duplicators and some good old fashioned elbow grease, Paquita is all about DIY publishing/processes, so feel free to come by the table and talk it up with her!

And you can check out the latest groovy art/comics here:

Or get a lil’ glimpse here:

Here’s the whole selection:

Zinester Profile: Rebecca Migdal

Only two more days until the NYC Feminist Zinefest – which leaves plenty of time to become familiar with the wonderful work of Rebecca Migdal!

Rebecca posing with Screecher
Rebecca posing with Screecher

Check out Rebecca’s bio to learn more about today’s zineblog superstar!

Rebecca Migdal draws pictures and writes down words, sometimes all on the same piece of paper. The picture and the words come out of her own head. That is amazing! Rebecca Migdal would like you to look at the papers with the words and the pictures.Look at the papers! Rebecca sometime gets to have these pictures and words printed on lots of pieces of paper, appearing in Comics Magazines like World War 3 Illustrated. Also in zines she makes herself, and soon even in some real books, maybe, that are sold in bookstores.
Support you local bookstore, and buy some books! Lots of Rebecca’s pictures and words can be seen on the web. Some of them are only for grownups. If you are old enough, you can read some grownup comics from Rebecca’s head at If you are not old enough, no peeking!

Here’s another sample of Rebecca’s work, “NYC Aerial:”

Zinester Profile: Katie Omberg

Today we at NYC Feminist Zinefest have the pleasure of profiling DC-based cartoonist extraordinaire Katie Omberg!

Cover of Gay Kid #2
Cover of Gay Kid #2

Here’s a bit about Katie in her own words:

I live in Washington DC and have been here since college, where I went to Mount Holyoke College in Western MA. I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, and started doing comic books in elementary school, all of which have now been lost to the sands of time. My current work is mostly auto-biographical, ranging from the mundane (working bad retail jobs) to the personal (about realizing I was gay before I knew the word for it). I self-publish most of my work in minicomic format, and just finished a two year-stint doing a weekly comic for (now defunct). I am really excited to meet all the awesome people at the Feminist Zinefest!

Here’s a sample comic from Katie’s zine “Gay Kid” (I can’t wait to get my own copy!)

Zine Project Profile: “ours to tell”

Today the NYC Feminist Zinefest is proud to present the zine “ours to tell,” edited by Elizabeth. According to Elizbeth:

Ours To Tell is a narrative project dedicated to providing a safe space for individuals to tell their first-hand stories of abortion experiences. We believe that, although the pro-choice debate has reached a household level, we still hear remarkably few stories from the individuals who actually elect to have them. There is still a stigma against women who have exercised their right to choose and have come down on the side of abortion. The strongest voice we have is our own and it will be the most crucial weapon in the war for equality, respect, and acceptance. We have the right to live in our own bodies. We have the right to love on our own terms. We have the right to sovereignty, respect, and equality.We have the right to decide our own fate. Tell your story.

cover of "ours to tell"
cover of "ours to tell"

Elizbeth’s bio on the project’s site reads:

Elizabeth is a feminist, vegan, urban planning student living in Detroit, Michigan. She is 26 and had an abortion when she was 15. She does not regret her decision. She regrets that other people regret her decision.