Pioneer Valley Zine Fest

We were recently contacted by an organizer of the Pioneer Valley Zine Fest, which will be held from April 27-28th at Food for Thought Books Collective in stunningly gorgeous Amherst, MA. I (Kate) lived in Northampton for a couple different idyllic periods in my life, and as such am very excited about this brand new Western MA zinefest.

Anyone interested in participating (volunteering, tabling, etc.) can contact the organizers at

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest
Pioneer Valley Zine Fest

Author: Kate Angell

I'm a college reference librarian by day and a zine librarian by (Thursday) night. I created this blog mainly to share links that can possibly be useful to people interested in issues pertaining to librarianship, gender studies, New York City, zines, and a whole bunch of other topics! Also, in case you were curious, my blog's name was inspired by Gertrude Stein's book "Everybody's Autobiography."

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