Our 2019 tablers and our auxillary programming will be announced soon! Stay tuned, pals :—)

The 2019 zinefest will be held on Sunday, March 31st from 12-6pm at Barnard College (3009 Broadway, 1 train to 116th St.).

2019 Tablers List! (Slowly being added to, and in no particular order :-))

Cindy Crabb

Joyce Hatton 

Yes Ma’am

emi Koyama

Mehr Sharma – @autwine on instagram and twitter

Christina Lee

Janice Quiles-Reyes

Goda Trakumaite


Previous tablers


The Bettys & Aurora Diaz
Alina Sabirianova
The Doula Project
Nyxia Grey
Not Just a Boys Club
Arielle Jennings
J. Henry Hansen
Blkgrlswurld ZINE
JB Brager
Barnard Zine Club
Sawyer Lovett
Moose Lane
Jahnny Vommit 
Yes, Ma’am
Katherine Arnoldi
Jennifer Camper
Michelle Nitto
Red Sweater Colllective
Nico Acosta
Hoax Zine
Emma Cali
New Paltz Zine Club
Vikki Law
Sy Abudu
A. Hays/ Sleeping Creatures Distro
Suze Myers
Hazel Newlevant
Stephanie Dufresne
Femme Mache
Syan Rose
Anne Schwan
Chanell Chrichlow
Stephanie Monohan
Goda Trakumaite
Mariame Kaba
Priya Huq
Erika Finne
Kat Fajardo
Jacinta Bunnell/ Queer Book Committee
Irrelevant Press
Alex Wrekk / Stolen Sharpie Revolution
Emerald Pellot (Grl Trbl)
LIES: A Journal of Materialist Feminism
Jaime Gonzalez
Britina Cheng
Janice Quiles Reyes
Sarvnaz Press
Pau Venadito
Headlines and Heartlines
La Horchata Zine
Mujeristas Collective
We’re Hir We’re Queer
Olivia M. 
Emma Karin / Radical Domesticity
Jan Descartes and Monica Johnson
Brusque Babe
Laura Winnick
Dre Grigoropol

The 2018 organizers were Jordan Alam, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, Suze Myers, and Elvis Wolf


The 2017 organizers were Jordan Alam, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Wolf


The 2016 organizers were Tai Maag, Rachel Casiano Hernandez, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Wolf


The 2015 zinefest was organized by Jordan Alam, Emma Caterine, Jenna Freedman, Elvis Wolf, and Rachel Casiano Hernandez.