NYC Feminist Zinefest 2019
Sunday, March 31, 12-6pm
Barnard College
3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

12 pm – Zinefest opens!
12-1:30pm – Acupressure Ear Seeds
12:30-1:30pm – Streaks of Lavender: Queer Resistance Participatory Writing
1:30-2:30pm – Imagining Feminist Interfaces
2:30-3:30pm – POC Zinemaker’s Roundtable 
3-4pm – Self Defense Workshop
4-5pm – Barnard Zine Library Tour
4:30-6pm – Zinefest Soapbox Talks

 Program Descriptions

12-1:30pm: Acupressure Ear Seeds
Lead by Rachel Casiano Hernandez

Rachel will be stimulating acupressure points in the ear using “ear seeds.” If you get stressed out easily with lots of people around (like her!), ear seeds are a gentle way to reduce anxiety so you can fully enjoy all the fest has to offer. Rachel is a former co-organizer of NYCFZF, community acupuncturist, and harm reduction enthusiast. The first zine she made was a fanzine about her mom.

12:30-1:30pm: Streaks of Lavender – Queer Resistance Participatory Writing
Lead by Iemi Hernandez-Kim, María José, RK Pérez, Courtney Surmanek, Al Valentín, Jack York

What can we learn from works by historic and contemporary queer writers to inform our rage, analyze our responses, and create new narratives to celebrate and empower our communities? In this workshop, alums of the Creative Writing from Queer Resistance workshop (conceived by Nancy Agabian) will guide participants through interactive writing exercises and discussions inspired by short readings from queer authors as well as selections from their new zine Streaks of Lavender. This workshop offers a space for writers of all levels to support and learn from each other in writing for social justice, and participants will be encouraged to share their responses.

1:30-2:30pm: Imagining Feminist Interfaces 
Lead by Tendernet (Becca Ricks, Zoe Bachman, and Katrina Peterson)

Technology is often described as “disruptive,” while it serves to perpetuate existing power structures. It’s not an accident, for instance, that our technologies that function effectively as “caregivers” or “secretaries” are designed to have female voices. What does it mean to imagine an alternative, feminist voice interface? In this workshop, we’ll engage participants in an speculative design exercise to think about what voice technologies and software could look like if we designed them in line with the central commitments of feminism: participation, agency, embodiment, equity, empowerment, plurality, and justice. We’ll work together to speculate and imagine possible futures for voice technologies. Note: This is not a technical workshop and no background knowledge is required. We invite anyone to participate. RSVP required – email

2:30-3:30pm: POC Zinemaker’s Roundtable
Lead by Pooja Desai, Aurora Diaz, Nadya Agrawal, M
ehr Sharma and Erica Cardwell

All POC makers to the front. This roundtable will engage POC zinemakers and programmers in a pay it forward conversation: facilitators will introduce their community work and engage participants in the room about vehicles of support within the POC zine community. The goal is for participants to walk away having identified meaningful partnerships that lead to collaborative relationships after the zinefest. Note: This workshop is meant for POC-identifying folks only.

3-4pm: Self Defense Workshop 
Lead by Laurel Leckert

Learn effective self-defense techniques and discuss how to avoid and respond to violent situations. We’ll share ideas about topics such as awareness, and how/why/when to use your voice, and we’ll practice physical techniques including strikes and grab releases. No special clothes or gear necessary, beginners welcome! Laurel is a Brooklyn-based martial arts instructor, third degree black belt, radical feminist, zinester, builder of collective spaces, and dreamer of cooperative anarchism. She studies Isshin Ryu at Traditional Okinawan Karate in Bushwick where she’s been teaching self-defense classes for women and queer folks since 2013. In her spare time, she’s an accountant.

4-5pm: Barnard Zine Library Tour
Lead by Jenna Freedman, Zine Librarian

The Barnard Zine Library, which you can get to without going outside the building, houses about ten thousand zines. The collection is comprised of zines made predominantly by women, is a default queer space, and is intentional about its inclusion of zines by people of color. We’ll share our mission and values in zine collecting and give you the scoop on how we acquire, catalog, shelve, and provide access to these essential primary sources of punk and DIY activism.

4:30-6pm: Zinefest Soapbox Talks 
Short presentations and zine readings, featuring:  
Red Schulte on Sex Working/Trading
Renu and Zena McDonnell on Know Your Rights!
Mick Moran on the Doula Project and reproductive justice
Lauren Kehoe on ZineCat
… and more!

Tunes all day by DJ TROY Frost

If you have something to share, sign up to present/read at the fair, or email