NYC Feminist Zinefest 2019
Sunday, March 31, 12-6pm
Barnard College
3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

2019 Tablers

Emerald Pellot
Little Mountain Press
Mariame Kaba
Margot Terc
Emma Karin Eriksson
The Bettys
Coven Connections
JB Brager
Irrelevant Press
Katherine Arnoldi
Kimberly Enjoli
Renu & Zena McDonnell
Stephanie Rodriguez
Arielle Jennings
Unity and Struggle
The Wheelhouse
Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz
Spicy Mango Comics
Reverend J Henry Hansen
Seong Eun Macfarlane
Colmado Zine
Sasha Hill
Sabrina Jones
blobs feeling things
Tiffany Babb
Moose Lane
Fiona Avocado
Kajal Mag
Not Just A Boys Club
Kelly Fernández
Stephanie Gonzales
Alina Sabirianova
ABC No Rio
Victoria Law
Sawyer Lovett
Philadelphia Printworks
Briley Lewis
diasporan savant press
Soumya Dhulekar & Nicole Rodrigues
Izzy Strazzabosco
Veronica Melendez & Kimberly Benavides / La Horchata Zine
Michelle Nitto
The Support Ho(s)e
Pau Venadito
Abo Comix
Doris Distro
Joyce Hatton
Shreyas R Krishnan & Kruttika Susarla
Suzy González / Yes, Ma’am
Emi Koyama
Mehr Sharma / Autwine
Nicole Testa LaLiberty
Anna Sellheim
Christina Lee
Quinn Milton
Janice Quiles Reyes
Becca Ricks & Zoe Bachman
Shout Your Abortion
Laurel Leckert / Self-Defense Zine
Erin Roseberry
Xia Gordon
New Paltz Zine Library & Club
Barnard Zine Club
People Make Plans Zine
Anne Schwan
The Doula Project
Andi Lake
Jenny Cavallero
Jae Young
Wing Woman Printing Press
Dre Grigoropol
Our Comics, Ourselves
Molly Liu
Lakas Zine
Jamie Varriale
Maryam Adib
Courtney Hunter
Olivia M.
Starkiss Creations
Streaks of Lavender

2019 Event Program 

12 pm
Zinefest opens

Streaks of Lavender – Queer Resistance Participatory Writing
Lead by Iemi Hernandez-Kim, María José, RK Pérez, Courtney Surmanek, Al Valentín, Jack York
What can we learn from works by historic and contemporary queer writers to inform our rage, analyze our responses, and create new narratives to celebrate and empower our communities? In this workshop, alums of the Creative Writing from Queer Resistance workshop (conceived by Nancy Agabian) will guide participants through interactive writing exercises and discussions inspired by short readings from queer authors as well as selections from their new zine Streaks of Lavender. This workshop offers a space for writers of all levels to support and learn from each other in writing for social justice, and participants will be encouraged to share their responses.

Imagining Feminist Interfaces

Lead by Becca Ricks, Zoe Bachman, and Katrina Peterson
Technology is often described as “disruptive,” while it serves to perpetuate existing power structures. It’s not an accident, for instance, that our technologies that function effectively as “caregivers” or “secretaries” are designed to have female voices. What does it mean to imagine an alternative, feminist voice interface? In this workshop, we’ll engage participants in an speculative design exercise to think about what voice technologies and software could look like if we designed them in line with the central commitments of feminism: participation, agency, embodiment, equity, empowerment, plurality, and justice. We’ll work together to speculate and imagine possible futures for voice technologies. Note: This is not a technical workshop and no background knowledge is required. We invite anyone to participate.

POC Zinemaker’s Roundtable 
Lead by Pooja Desai, Aurora Diaz, Nadya Agrawal, M
ehr Sharma and Erica Cardwell
All POC makers to the front. This roundtable will engage zinemakers and programmers in a pay it forward conversation where facilitators will introduce their community work and engage participants in the room in conversation about vehicles of support within the POC zine community. The goal of this session is for participants to walk away having identified meaningful partnerships that lead to collaborative relationships after the zinefest. Note: This workshop is meant for POC-identifying folks only.

Self Defense Workshop
Lead by Laurel Leckert

Barnard Zine Library Tour
Lead by Jenna Freedman, Zine Librarian at Barnard College
The Barnard Zine Library, located on the second floor of the Milstein Center, which you can get to without going outside, houses about ten thousand zines. The collection is comprised of zines made predominantly by women, is a default queer space, and is intentional about its inclusion of zines by people of color. We’ll share our mission and values in zine collecting and give you the scoop on how we acquire, catalog, shelve, and provide access to these essential primary sources of punk and DIY activism.

Zinefest’s Soapbox Talks
Closing #FZFNYC is a program dedicated to educating and sharing ideas in short presentations and zine readings no longer than 15 minutes each.
Red Schulte on Sex Working/Trading
Renu and Zena McDonnell on Know Your Rights!
Mick Moran on the Doula Project and reproductive justice
and more!

Previous tablers


The Bettys & Aurora Diaz
Alina Sabirianova
The Doula Project
Nyxia Grey
Not Just a Boys Club
Arielle Jennings
J. Henry Hansen
Blkgrlswurld ZINE
JB Brager
Barnard Zine Club
Sawyer Lovett
Moose Lane
Jahnny Vommit 
Yes, Ma’am
Katherine Arnoldi
Jennifer Camper
Michelle Nitto
Red Sweater Colllective
Nico Acosta
Hoax Zine
Emma Cali
New Paltz Zine Club
Vikki Law
Sy Abudu
A. Hays/ Sleeping Creatures Distro
Suze Myers
Hazel Newlevant
Stephanie Dufresne
Femme Mache
Syan Rose
Anne Schwan
Chanell Chrichlow
Stephanie Monohan
Goda Trakumaite
Mariame Kaba
Priya Huq
Erika Finne
Kat Fajardo
Jacinta Bunnell/ Queer Book Committee
Irrelevant Press
Alex Wrekk / Stolen Sharpie Revolution
Emerald Pellot (Grl Trbl)
LIES: A Journal of Materialist Feminism
Jaime Gonzalez
Britina Cheng
Janice Quiles Reyes
Sarvnaz Press
Pau Venadito
Headlines and Heartlines
La Horchata Zine
Mujeristas Collective
We’re Hir We’re Queer
Olivia M. 
Emma Karin / Radical Domesticity
Jan Descartes and Monica Johnson
Brusque Babe
Laura Winnick
Dre Grigoropol

The 2018 organizers were Jordan Alam, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, Suze Myers, and Elvis Wolf


Barnard Zine Club!

La Chamba Press

No Shame Distro

Hoax Zine

Soumya Dhulekar

Nicole Rodrigues

SUNY New Paltz Zine Community + Zine Library 

The Wheelhouse

Wolf Route Collective

Abby Staniek

Alex Zine


Farha Najah

The Bettys

Metaphorical Fruit Zine


Colectiva Cósmica


Basta Ya (enough is enough).

Emma Karin Eriksson

Jacqueline Frances (aka Jacq the Stripper)

Jamie Varriale Vélez

Janice Quiles-Reyes

JB Brager

JC of Tributaries

Jenna Henry Hansen

Jennifer Camper

Queers & Comics Conference

Karla Keffer

Sula Collective

Katherine Arnoldi

Kiernan Dunn

Kyra Gross

Laura Lannes

Leila Abdelrazaq

Jude Vachon

Madelyn Owens / Madd Grrrl

Markus / Star

Megan Quinn


The Doula Project

Monica Johnson

Jan Descartes

Moose Lane

Naomi Moyer

Nicole Harring

Nicole Jennelle

Nyxia Grey

Sarah Beth Kaye

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

Sasha Kruger

Shaira Chaer

Shout Your Abortion BK collective

Stephanie Orentas

Stephanie Rodriguez

Sy Abudu 

Taryn Hipp + LadyTeeth

Unceded Voices Collective

Victoria Law

We’re Hir We’re Queer


Wyeth Moss –

Pratt Feminists

The 2017 organizers were Jordan Alam, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Wolf


ABC No Rio

Adelaide Barton

Amanda Aponte

Ana Maria Hoffman

Anna Flinchbaugh

Anna Melton

Anna Poon & Breanne St. Germain

Anna Taraova

Annie Mok

Anuradha Golder

Ayun Halliday

Barnard Zine Club

Bee Fawn

Caitlin McGuire

Christina Tesoro

China Martens


Decolonizing Street Art

Emma Karin Eriksson

From the Root

Hazel Newlevant

Hoax zine

Hye-Phen Collective

Jamie Varriale Vélez

Jenna Brager

Jenna Henry Hansen


Joyce Hatton

Jude Vachon

Karla Keffer

Katherine Arnoldi & China Martens

Katie Haegele

Kendra Kirkpatrick

Kerri Radley

Kiani Ferris

Laura Lannes

Moose Lane

Nicole Harring

Nicole Acosta Nemergut

Nicole Rodrigues

No Shame Distro

Nyxia Grey

OK Fox

Oli Stephano

People Make Plans

Quinn Milton

Rachel Davies

Rachel K. Zall

Sarah Mae

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

Shawn(ta) Smith

Sophia Santos & Kim Slovak

Soumya Dhulekar

Stephanie Basile

Sy Abudu

Taryn Hipp

Toi Scott – Afro-Genderqueer/Queering Herbalism

TROY Frost

Vikki Law

Viviana Torres

We’re Hir We’re Queer

The Wheelhouse


The 2016 organizers were Tai Maag, Rachel Casiano Hernandez, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Wolf


A. Aponte (Hellbitches)

ABC No Rio Zine Library

Alex Hays (Sleeping Creatures Distro)

Ana Lucia Seguin (Purple Pony)

Andria Alefhi (We’ll Never Have Paris)

Anna Melton (Dear Rob: A Zine about Grief, Medical Ethics, Bodily Fluids, and Becoming a Nursing Assistant)

Annie Mok (Unholy Shapes)

Barnard Zine Club (Sticks & Stones)

Big Womyn Press

Bluestockings Bookstore

Cam (Decolonizing Street Art : Anticolonial Street Artists convergence)

Caroline Tompkins (Girl’s Night In)

Cassandra L (Second Hand Emotion)

China Martens (The Future Generation)

Emma Karin (Radical Domesticity)

Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin)

Hetrick-Martin Institute: Women Speak (Raindrops)

Hoax Zine

Homoground (Feminist Playing Cards)

Joyce Hatton (Think About The Bubbles)

Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends)

Kate Larson (No Better Than Apples)

Katherine Arnoldi (Clara Comes Down To Earth: Globalization, the Neo-Liberal Agenda, and Resistance)

Keerthi Harishankar (Crash Your Car)

Kesheena Doctor (Going Places)

Laura Lannes (Bad Boyfriends)

Maggie Lynn Negrete (Adventuring Princesses)


Mia Bruner

Nicole Harring (Bitch Craft)

Nyxia Grey (Everything is Fine)

Pleasure Pie (Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure)

Rachel Davies (Pop Culture Puke)

Rachel K. Zall (About My Body (Because You Always Ask))

Sarah Fox (Feminist Hackerspaces)

Sarah Godfrey (My Family’s Vaginas)

Sarah Mangle (The Affirmations Colouring Book)

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett (Safe Home)

Sherley (Taken Spaces: Black Lesbian Against White Aesthetics) 

Slim Lopez (Encuentro)

Sophie Labelle (Down with the Cis-Tem)

Stephanie Basile (Suburban Blight)

Suzy Gonzalez (Yes, Ma’am)

Sy Abudu (Slash Zine)

Tale of the Gray Wolf

Topside Press

Victoria Law (Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison)

The Wheelhouse (The Living/Dying Flipzine; Big Fat Femme)

Whitney (From the Root)

The 2015 zinefest was organized by Jordan Alam, Emma Caterine, Jenna Freedman, Elvis Wolf, and Rachel Casiano Hernandez.

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