Zinester Profile: Shawn(ta) Smith

Today we’re delighted to blog about local zinester Shawn(ta) Smith, creator of the Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine!

Here’s Shawn’s bio:

Shawn(ta) Smith is an Archivist, a librarian, a writer, and a Zinester.  Shawn is an Archivette and Coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, and a producer of Theater at the WOW Cafe Theater, where she is proud to contribute to Rivers of Honey, a space highlighting the art of womyn of color.  Her librarianship is academic faculty or young adult, and always reference.  So ask her about books, she might know a thing or two; she’s been known to answer to “Your Lesbian Librarian”.  She just finished a year at StoryCorps, a national oral history project, as the Archive Coordinator, and will continue this year pursuing creative projects, starting with finding a publisher for her Anthology: Her Saturn Returns: Queer Women of Color Life Transitions.  You can find out more about Shawn at hersaturnreturns.com

Cover image of "Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine"
Cover image of “Black Lesbians in the 70s”

Shawn also provided us with some really great info about her zine:

The Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine spurred from the Spring Series of the Lesbians in the 70s conference held at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center in 2010.  More info can be found on this specialty made, and archived site here: http://www.70slesbians.org/spring-series/black-lesbian-herstory-in-the-70s
Shawn(ta) took the artifacts and clippings of select portions of the lesbian herstory archives subject files and put them together in a chronological zine, covering each year of the 1970s, and the happenings for black lesbians at the time.

Fifty copies of the Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine will be available at the Zine Fest.

All proceeds will go to the Lesbian Herstory Archives.
Table of contents of "Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine"
Table of contents of “Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine”

Author: Kate Angell

I'm a college reference librarian by day and a zine librarian by (Thursday) night. I created this blog mainly to share links that can possibly be useful to people interested in issues pertaining to librarianship, gender studies, New York City, zines, and a whole bunch of other topics! Also, in case you were curious, my blog's name was inspired by Gertrude Stein's book "Everybody's Autobiography."

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