Suze Myers is a graphic designer and zinemaker. She went to Barnard, where she led the Barnard Zine Club and worked in the library. When she’s not makin’ zines, she moonlights as a short film producer, magazine art director, and amateur printmaker. This is her second year as an FZF organizer! Suze is currently in search of the world’s tiniest zine and New York City’s best ice cream cone, both of which she hopes to find in the same place.

Elvis Wolf is the author of Homos in Herstory, a comics zine series about queer history in the USA. They started the first NYC Feminist Zinefest with good pal Kate Angell in 2012, and are thrilled that the zinefest is cruisin’ along to its 7th year in 2019. They are a former caregiver, and are passionate about issues relating to gender and aging.


Jenna Freedman is the zine librarian at Barnard College and has been making the zine Lower East Side Librarian since 2001. Her zine recently underwent a name change to Before I Forget, and she usually needs a haircut.


Lili Wu Finckel and Pooja Desai lead Femme Mâché, a docu-zine collective & programming series by and for POC women & femme artists. They founded and curate the Chinatown Soup zine shop, where they hold regular workshops and programs.