CC licensed photo by Ian Collins

Info listed here is so that everyone can get a better idea of what the zinefest will be like; NYC Feminist Zinefest wants this event to be accessible and comfortable for all. We’re open to suggestions, so please feel free to get in touch.

Wheelchair Access:

The building where the zinefest is held, Barnard Hall, is wheelchair accessible by a ramp located on the left side of the building, to the left of the main entrance. There are two elevators in the building.

Vision-related: The James Room (our main room for tabling) has both artificial and natural lighting. There are huge windows in the room which help bring in outside light: on a sunny day, the room will be brightly lit.

The breakout rooms are 405-407 and 409;  you can view photos here:

Sound Levels: There could be music playing in the main room.

We won’t be blasting music though :). If you have any sound issues, or just feel it’s “too loud,” we’re cool with turning it down!

Similarly, if you’re seeking a quieter zinefest experience, we recommend coming at the beginning of the ‘fest, when there will be less folks and potentially less background noise.

Crowd-related: If you’re sensitive to crowds, we suggest coming by at an earlier point in the zinefest when there will be less people.

We will also have a “Quiet Room” available for folks who want to step away from the main space and hang out.

Security-related: Barnard College is a college campus, and is staffed by campus security. Most noticeably, there are security guards at entrances to the campus. You don’t need to “show ID” or interact with the guard to enter campus.

Thank you for helping make FZF an awesome & accessible space!

If you have any questions on day-of, please get in touch with any of the Volunteers (green-arm-band) or Organizers so we can help out.
– Sincerely, FZF crew

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