Zinester Profile: Caroline Paquita / Pegacorn Press

Are you into queer, “total-art-freaker” comics, zines and art books?
Then you’ll be a fan of the ambitiously prolific Caroline Paquita, and their publishing house, Pegacorn Press!

Here’s Caroline’s bio:

Caroline Paquita is a Brooklyn based visual artist,musician, beekeeper, and amateur herbalist. After self-publishing for nearly fifteen years (Brazen Hussy, Zine Libs, Womanimalistic), Paquita officially began Pegacorn Press, which is a feminist, queer, and “total-art-freaker” publishing house that specializes in small-run art books, zines and comics. Using stencil duplicators and some good old fashioned elbow grease, Paquita is all about DIY publishing/processes, so feel free to come by the table and talk it up with her!

And you can check out the latest groovy art/comics here:

Or get a lil’ glimpse here:

Here’s the whole selection:


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