Feminist Zine Reading at Bluestockings Bookstore – – Sunday, October 21st!

It’s Fall, the leaves are turning…and you’re wondering, “Where O Where can I get my fix of feminist zines?!!”

Never fear, Kate and I have just the thing for you – – a rad feminist zine reading at Bluestockings Bookstore!

Sunday October 21, at 7pm, a couple of tremendous zinesters will come and read from their work:

* Jordan Alam! of Letters to Self, and Hairstory

* Daniela Capistrano! She just organized the multi-city POC Zine Project tour…plus she’s the author of Bad Mexican!!

* Rachel Levy! of HOAX zine and Reimagining Queer Community, who just moved back to NYC (welcome back Rachel!)

* Kate Angell, my awesome NYC Feminist Zinefest co-organizer, author of such zines as My Feminist Friends and the brand-new A Thousand Times Yes

* Me; I’m Elvis and I will read to you something from Homos in Herstory, my epic queer history zine series

So there you have it! What more could be better than a cozy night in a radical bookstore with your local zine pals?

See you there 🙂

from the bsox events calendar:


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