Coming soon: POC Zine Project Tour – Fall, 2012!

The awesome POC Zine Project is visiting *13* cities this Fall, on their epic 2012 tour!

Definitely help support in any way you can: get in touch through their website to volunteer, table with zines, or donate funds to this 100% volunteer-run project. You can also help bring the POC Zine Project to your school/college – check here for more details:
“The POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, share and distribute. Community and activism through materiality.”

Here are the tour dates, so mark your calendars!

Sept 24 New York, NY
Sept 25 Philadelphia, PA
Sept 26 Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 27 Athens, OH
Sept 28 Detroit, MI
Sept 29 Ann Arbor, MI
Sept 30 Chicago, IL
Oct 1 Champaign, IL
Oct 2 Bloomington, IL
Oct 3 Columbus, OH
Oct 4 Blacksburg, VA
Oct 5 Washington, DC
Oct 6 Baltimore, MD
Oct 7 New York, NY

For more info:
On Facebook:


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