Zinester Profile: Cristy Road

We are so excited to present the amazing and talented…Cristy Road!

Her powerful illustration work is featured in all the radical projects around town… Plus, Road is the author of two novels (one a graphic novel, one illustrated),  with another one on the way (to be published by the Feminst Press this Fall, 2012)!

Road has also been a longtime zinemaker, producing her punk rock zine “Greenzine” for 10 years.

For more amazing, intense art, and much more, check out Road’s website: http://croadcore.org/

Here’s her extensive bio:

Cristy C. Road is a 29 year old Cuban-American Artist and Writer. Blending the inevitable existence of social principles, sexual identity, and mental inadequacies- Road thrives to testify the beauty of the imperfect. Her endeavors in illustrating and publishing began when writing a punk rock zine, Greenzine, for ten years. She resumed to illustrate countless record album covers, book covers, political organizations, magazine articles, and more. Road has published an illustrated novel entitled INDESTRUCTIBLE, a postcard book entitled DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW SICK, and BAD HABITS, an Illustrated love story about a faltering human heart’s telepathic connections to the destruction of New York City. Roads work has also been featured in the Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing Anthology, Live Through This Anthology, Reproduce and Revolt, and countless other published works. She’s toured nationally and internationally on her own, and with SISTER SPIT, an all-queer spoken-word road-show and is currently working on SPIT AND PASSION, a graphic novel about coming out, religion, culture, and chronic obsession with Green Day. She hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.

Below is some of Road’s artwork: if you’d like more detail, just click on the pictures to make them bigger:

Here’s Medusa:


Zinester Profile: Heels on Wheels Roadshow

Today we’re introducing not only a set of zines, but a whole glittery roadshow!

Presenting, the Heels on Wheels Roadshow!

They just co-organized the event “Beyond Visibility: Illuminating and Aligning Femmes” in January, and are constantly instigating wonderful community performance events.
The Roadshow is touring in April, 2012, so keep your eyes open for this radical brand of femme expression in your area!

Here’s their bio, and a photo of the stunning crew below:

Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours the US annually with a dazzling cabaret of performance art works by queer folks on femme/inine spectrum genders. The tour consists of five performers and our femme roadie, always includes local acts, and travels in a van full of magic, living the dream via live performance, local discussions, and guerilla political interventions as we go!

By actively complicating what it “looks like” to represent femininity, dandyness, fey, femme and queer lady, and so confronting misogyny and sexism, the Heelz are on a feminist agenda that uses cultural works to sabotage the hegemonic status quo of gender, sexuality, and appearance and replace it with many visions and ideas of what thriving and surviving as femme folks can be.

All kinds of femmes are invited to the Heels on Wheels party, and the troupe works from an active anti-oppression, intersectional focus, both in who is touring and what they’re doing onstage. The tour includes working class and poor folks, sex workers, immigrants, QPOC, mixed race folks, genderqueer and GNC folks, survivors and, most importantly, fiercely political feminist artists whose work weaves punk herstories, ineluctable facts, and wild costuming into escape artistry.

As artists and zine-makers, some of us have been capturing our writing and artwork in zines for years, some of us just made our first zine for tour. The Heels on Wheels are going on their third tour April 2012, details are available at www.heelsonwheelsroadshow.com

And here’s a photo of their zine table at a past event (with roadie):

The Roadshow will be displaying these zines (with or without roadie) at the Feminist Zinefest:

– Vanifesto  by Damien Luxe
– Building Up Emotional Muscles by Shomi Noise
– What the Brain Forgets… by Heather Acs

Here’s the cover of Vanifesto, to give you an idea…

Zinester Profile: Maranda Elizabeth

Today we’re proud to present a seasoned zinester, Maranda Elizabeth, who’s been creating zines for a solid 10 years!

Here’s their bio:

Maranda Elizabeth makes the perzine Telegram Ma’am, 24-hour zine Little Acorns, and fiction zine Edith. They have been making zines for about a decade, and tend to write about mental health, self-care, finding & making a home, daily adventures, their bike, learning processes, & gender/queer stuff.

They have a blog at http://marandaelizabeth.com, and their zines are available at http://schoolformaps.etsy.com.

And below are some photos from their rad zines, placed upon charming flower backgrounds…

Zinester Profile: K Funk

And now for another zinester – – K Funk!

K makes comics – queer, radical, political comics that cover everything from Dan Savage to”patriarchal ownership blood diamonds” and manarchists. His funny, appealing work puts a great spin on many popular topics – plus, it’s always awesome when you’re reading along, and suddenly “a wild radical feminist” appears in the next panel. Check out the samples of their work below…


website: kfffunk.tumblr.com
contact: kfunkcomics@gmail.com

Who is K Funk?

In his own words: K Funk is a writer who draws, currently surviving his last year of undergrad. He majored in being unemployed and living in his parents house in New Jersey. Inspired by his gender studies degree and his life as a big queer, he writes and illustrates autobiographical comic books and absurd cartoons about queer politics and feminist theory. He is particularly interested in critiques of mainstream “gay and lesbian” politics, and is inspired by a broader pursuit of social equality that includes racial and economic justice. Not only has he used comics in academic and political pursuits, he also runs a website and pens a zine under the name “Loud & Queer.” K tells bad jokes and plays drums in Shady Hawkins.

And another comic – –

Zinester Profile: Rachel + Sari of Hoax Zine

Introducing, the folks from Hoax Zine!

Hoax Zine is a collaborative zine, and sometimes gets up to 76 pages (wow)!
This is a nice hefty zine, with a lot of dense and awesome writing/nonfiction/art by a wide variety of people.

In their own words, and with a call for submissions:

About Hoax Zine:
Hoax Zine is a feminist & queer collaborative zine attempting to find the connections between us despite our differences. Thus far, we have completed six issues on the topics of relationships, health, history, community, and communication. We are currently taking submissions for hoax #7 – feminisms and change. Feminists of all backgrounds and genders are encouraged to submit! Email us – hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com!

About the Editors:

sari is a 24 year old pennsylvania native tryna make ends meet in baltimore. their other main zine endeavor is the perzine you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania. they are currently writing several zines simultaneously, with topics such as depression & suicide, growing up, one’s relationship to femininity & masculinity as a non-binary trans* person,
dating straight-identified men while identifying as queer, challenging the oppressive dynamics of punk, and a queer feminist harry potter fan fic centered around hermione granger. they think they wanna be yer best friend (and pen pal), yeah.

rachel is a 24 year old feminist zinester with roots in new york city and baltimore, maryland. she co-edits hoax & has additionally written two perzines – “a tale of two cities: baltimore vs. nyc” (a zine about growing up in the big apple & integrating oneself into a new community) and “reimagining queer community” (a personal investigation into an evolving relationship to a queer identity and creative participation in queer spaces). rachel is stoked to be premiering her newest zine “stuff ‘progressive’ kids don’t want to hear: a journal of unpopular opinions,” a collaboration with jamie varriale velez, at nyc feminist zinefest. she loves making new feminist friends and cannot wait to meet y’all in february!

Zinester Profile: Sarah Rose

Presenting another great zinester, Sarah Rose!

Author of the perzine “Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric,” Rose co-organized the recent Philly Zinefest, and is also starting up a brand new distro: Once Upon a Distro

Rose is a recent transplant to Philly from the wilds of rural southwestern Virginia. She’s been writing and reading zines for over half of her life, and credits them for her interest in feminism, queer studies, and the power of the small press to empower marginalized and underrepresented people.

Here’s another sample of her work:

Zinester Profile: Amber Forrester

We’ll be using this site to profile some of the creative wonders who are tabling at the NYC Feminist Zinefest in February.

Check back for more info on your favorite artists, and more!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Who is Amber Forrester ?

Amber Forrester is a queer feminist living in Montréal, Québec. She’s been making zines for nearly a decade – including perzine Culture Slut, compilation zine Fight Boredom and a new year-long project titled Pizza Date. The most recent issue of Culture Slut is about heartbreak, Patti Smith, quitting drinking, participating in research studies for cash and an obsession with knuckle tattoos.

About Fight Boredom Distro:
Fight Boredom Distro focuses on queer zines, feminist zines, perzines, travel journals, sex work tales, diary comics, cookzines and mental health zines full of secrets and adventures and righteous anger and total sassiness. Read ’em and then yell yr own story.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, fellow zinesters and aficionados 🙂

As we move into this chillier season, we also move closer to… the NYC Feminist Zinefest!

This season is perfect time for zine-making, art, and crafting… snuggling up in bed with a good book, hot tea, and a new journal or sketchbook, are things that make for a memorable winter day.

So stay warm, and check this page for more info about our awesome zinesters coming soon (!)


The NYC Feminist Zinefest is being held on February 25, 2012 !

Why a feminist zinefest, you say?

Following a year marked by brutal sexual assaults by local police officers and foreign dignitaries alike, the idea of a feminist zinefest resonates strongly for us in 2012. We’d like to showcase the work of artists and zinesters who proudly identify as feminists, and whose politics are reflected in their work.

And also, zines have a special place in our hearts.
There’s just something about the immediacy and expressiveness of a little printed booklet, smudged with printer’s ink or photocopy errors. It’s like a small, pocket-sized emissary of ideas, one who will eagerly come with you on a long train or bus ride, and share its hidden tales.

Currently we’re seeking feminist zinesters to table at the event- $5 gets you a 4′ table space to cover with zines and art. We welcome folks of all genders, races, class backgrounds, and abilities.

Contact us at feministzinefestnyc@gmail.com for more information!