Zinester Profile: K Funk

And now for another zinester – – K Funk!

K makes comics – queer, radical, political comics that cover everything from Dan Savage to”patriarchal ownership blood diamonds” and manarchists. His funny, appealing work puts a great spin on many popular topics – plus, it’s always awesome when you’re reading along, and suddenly “a wild radical feminist” appears in the next panel. Check out the samples of their work below…


website: kfffunk.tumblr.com
contact: kfunkcomics@gmail.com

Who is K Funk?

In his own words: K Funk is a writer who draws, currently surviving his last year of undergrad. He majored in being unemployed and living in his parents house in New Jersey. Inspired by his gender studies degree and his life as a big queer, he writes and illustrates autobiographical comic books and absurd cartoons about queer politics and feminist theory. He is particularly interested in critiques of mainstream “gay and lesbian” politics, and is inspired by a broader pursuit of social equality that includes racial and economic justice. Not only has he used comics in academic and political pursuits, he also runs a website and pens a zine under the name “Loud & Queer.” K tells bad jokes and plays drums in Shady Hawkins.

And another comic – –


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