Interview with a Zinester: Jahnny Vommit!

Jahnny Vommit brings us the next interview – connect with them more over at their website and/or follow them on Instagram!

A saturated photo of Jahnny standing with their arms crossed in front of their chest in a short bright skirt and tall black socks.
A saturated photo of Jahnny standing with their arms crossed in front of their chest in a short bright skirt and tall black socks.

Kindly give us a short description of yourself and the work you do.

A miserable mixing pot of glam rock, punk rock and anime tween fever, lightly coated in a baby pink slime.

How did you get introduced to zines? Were you influenced by anyone?

In middle school I started getting really into music and the history of the fashion that came with it. I really love Joan Jett and Billy Idol, who were both kinda part of the whole 70s/80s rock and roll scene, and just between them there were amazing album covers and gig posters which lead me to find zines/comics and a more diy attitude. I was also super into manga and anime and started teaching myself to draw based off that style.

What does it mean to do “feminist zine-making”? Does feminism appear in your work (explicitly or implicitly)?

For me and my zine group (HellBitches) it’s just kind of become about girls doing art, that was the original idea. It can be any kind of art: comics, drawings, collage, photos, and just the effort of us keeping the group together and meeting up is what makes it feminist. It’s not meant to be for or against any specific type of girl, it’s just about working together for us.

I never intended to put out a feminist message, I just love having projects to work on. It was about creating something fun for a group of weird chicks in art school. 🙂

What is your favorite zine or piece of mail art? Do you like any specific style/part of a zine?

I can’t really think of a favorite on going zine, but I have a couple of artist penpals and we love just sending each other whatever were working on and just supporting each other with positive cards and messages!

I’ll name drop some of my good friends 🙂

Sally :



Fave part of a zine is definitely any cool collage stuff or short comics!

If you could sum up your zinester life in a kitchen appliance, what appliance would it be?

It would have to be a hot pink kitchen aid mixer!

Finally, who are some of the other zinesters you’re excited to see at this year’s feminist zine fest?

I’m really excited to see ABC No Rio at the zine fest! I’ve played a few show with them so they hold a special place in my heart)!


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