Donate to the Zine Librarians UnConference POC Travel Grant

Dear You,

Tables at the NYC Zinefest are pay-what-you-wish, and many tablers take advantage of “free is always an option.” The zinefest organizers are ecstatic to be able to provide free and low cost access to tabling at an event in New York City, where space is dear. Pay-what-you-wish donations went to defraying costs for travelers from underrepresented groups, honoraria for presenters, and a delightful surprise for tablers, speakers, and volunteers.

This year, as always, we invite tablers and zinefest participants to put money toward the Zine Librarians UnConference (ZLuC) travel grant for Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

ZL(u)C in heterogenous letters
logo created for the first ZLuC by David Lasky

US Librarianship, as a profession, is nearly 90% white, and while zine communities, as evidenced by the typically 1/3-1/2 tablers of color at our zinefest, are not as grossly underrepresentative of the US population, still marginalize BIPOC folks. The ZLuC travel grant attempts to mitigate the race and class disparities in our communities by increasing participation by BIPOC zine librarians. The grants typically go to a non-degreed librarian from a community library with no budget.

We hope you will consider contribution to the ZLuC POC travel fund or do something else with the money you might have spent on a table and/or the money you save on zines because tablers can charge less because they don’t have to make back their table rent before they can cover the other costs associated with what is for many a money-losing labor of love.

Yours, the 2019 NYC Zinefest organizers