Zinefest 2019 Tablers: No News Yet

This email went out out to tablers about ten days ago, but it seems that it went straight to spam, so here it is, on the internet, for all to see:

Dear You,

Thank you so much for applying to table at the 2019 Feminist Zinefest. We had a wonderful response–160 applications, the most ever. While that is great news, signaling a tremendous investment in feminist zine culture in NYC and beyond, space is finite, so we anticipate not having enough space to accommodate everyone. The James Room at Barnard has room for 33 full tables (i.e., 66 half tables), but we will try to add tables in other rooms on the same floor to create more space.

Our goal is to make final decisions and notifications by February 1st, if not sooner.  The selections will represent a range of intersectional feminism, with an eye toward representation of people holding different racial, ethnic, disability, age, gender, sexuality, and other identities. We are also striving for a diversity of zine types: personal, political, literary, minicomic, compilation, etc., and we are eager to provide space for some folks who are newer to this community. That is all to say that if we aren’t able to accommodate you this year, it is not because you, your zines, or your feminism are lacking.

We’ll be reaching out about zine workshops, readings, and other fun events coming soon…stay tuned for more ways to participate in FZF programming!  

With warmth and respect, your 2019 FZF NYC crew

Elvis, Jenna, Lili, Pooja, and Suze

To Me, You Are Perfect needlepoint
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