Meet your (Feminist Zine Fest) Makers!

February 28th at 7pm EST

Bluestockings Bookstore: 172 Allen St, New York NY 10002

Are you as excited about NYC Feminist Zinefest as we are? Can’t wait to get to hang out and read zines about things like punk music, body positivity, the intersection of gender, sexuality, and race, literature with trans women characters, and cats – all from a feminist perspective? Then come get a special preview with a zine reading at one of our favorite DIY feminist community spaces, Bluestockings! This reading will feature the works of the organizers of NYC Feminist Zinefest, who have been trying our best to make this year’s Fest a fun space that is as safe as possible for the marginalized people so frequently excluded by misogyny, racism, and transmisogyny even in many zine-making communities.

You’ll be hearing readings by:
-Jordan Alam
-Emma Caterine
-Jenna Freedman
-Elvis B.
-Rachel Casiano Hernandez

ABOUT BLUESTOCKINGS: Bluestockings is a volunteer-run feminist DIY bookstore and coffee shop located on the Lower East Side. Donations are what make the space possible, so make sure to give if you can! All events are donation-only and one happens almost every day of the year. The cafe has vegan treats and serves Zapatista Coffee, made by cooperatives in Chiapas under the Zapatismo ideology.

SPACE ACCESSIBILITY: Most of the space is accessible with the unfortunate exception of the bathroom (not wheelchair accessible).

We’d love to see you there!


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