2018 Organizers: 


Suze Myers is a graphic designer and zinemaker. She went to Barnard, where she led the Barnard Zine Club and worked in the library as a communications and zine assistant. After graduating from a grad program in the UK, she is back in New York and at Barnard again, this time working as an exhibition designer for the new library space. When she’s not busy in Morningside Heights, she also moonlights as a short film producer, magazine art director, and amateur printmaker.


Jordan Alam is a writer, zinemaker, and cat mama based out of south Seattle. A former NYC resident (and Barnard alum), she has helped out with NYC Feminist Zine Fests past and worked in the Barnard Zine Library. She is the proud author of a lot of one-off perzines, most notably the micro-mini comic ‘What To Do If You Experience Emotional Stress Burnout’. Check out her professional work at www.jordanalam.com and find her on Twitter @thecowation.

img_1818Cassandra Leveille is excited to join her fellow organizers for a second time to pull off the Feminist Zinefest NYC for 2017. Formerly based in the Caribbean community of Elmont, NY, Cassandra now lives in Washington Heights with three cuddly cats and four roommates who are steeped in organizing backgrounds. She is a frequent contributor to hoax, and writes the nihilist feminist zine Secondhand EmotionShe is currently working on a compilation zine on nonprofit burnout under austerity. When she’s not talking and thinking about zines, she spends her time cooking with friends and populating her Instagram with cat selfies.

Elvis Wolf  is the author of Homos in Herstory, a comics zine series about queer history in the USA. They started the first NYC Feminist Zinefest with good pal Kate Angell in 2012, and is thrilled that the zinefest is cruisin’ along to its 6th year in 2018. And other feminist zinefests have taken root in locations  like PittsburghPhiladelphiaHamilton, Ontario, and Boston. At the time of this writing, Elvis sported a flourishing & giant mullet. 🙂


Jenna Freedman is the zine librarian at Barnard College and has been making the zine Lower East Side Librarian since 2001. Her zine just underwent a name change to Before I Forget, and she usually needs a haircut.